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Welcome to Underground Coal Gasification...

...A technology, an idea, a dream that has been obsessing some of the best technical minds of the last three centuries. And today, UCG continues to fascinate engineers, entrepreneurs, governments and the general public around the world.

Here at Ergo Exergy, we have been breathing, eating, drinking, even singing UCG for many years. For us, UCG has been our job, our pain, our challenge; the source of our despair, hope, and inspiration - our way of life.

We like what we do. We are the best at it.

The time's come to see how the modern world can benefit from a wide global deployment of Underground Coal Gasification. UCG is an energy-producing technology that can bring the value of underground coal seams to the consumer, without the pain and expense of actually mining the coal. There is none of the lunar-like craters of open-cast mining; none of the tailings of underground mines; no ash dams and coal crushing; no trains transporting coal; no lives lost to underground floods, methane explosions, fires, or deadly pneumoconiosis. The enormous energy that was previously locked up and lost in unmined and unminable coal deposits can now be released and delivered to the surface in the clean and convenient form of pure, rich combustible gas. It's a safe, clean, controlled operation with a great variety of industrial applications, and above all, a low, very competitive cost.

We are proud to offer our technology to a world that is starving for energy while trying to protect the environment. We know that UCG can help make this world cleaner, safer and more prosperous - and we work to make sure that UCG does just that.

Michael S. Blinderman
Ergo Exergy Technologies, Inc.

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