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April 7, 2005

Laurus Energy Inc. completes geological inventory of Canada coal resources suitable for εUCG technology

Canadian Licensee of εUCG technology Laurus Energy Inc. completes a countrywide geological study of Canada's coal and lignite deposits, determining which of these resources in Canada are suitable for successful application of εUCG technology. The study utilizes proprietary selection criteria provided by Ergo Exergy, and has taken over 12 months to complete. It has been conducted with assistance of two Canadian geology consulting companies, and the results show that the resource base for εUCG in Canada exceeds 2 trillion tonnes - most of this coal being unsuitable for conventional mining. Every Canadian province except for Quebec has considerable coal and lignite resources that can be monetized by εUCG technology. Laurus Energy is planning a number of commercial εUCG projects in Canada based on the resources identified in the study.

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