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1. Products and Services

Ergo Exergy offers our εUCG™ technology to developers and owners of commercial plants in the energy, power, and chemical industries. Our technology is provided under a licensing arrangement. Each license is linked to a specific plant, specific territory, and/or a specific use of gas. The εUCG technology transfer under the license is effected over the period of the project development, from the initial scoping study right up to commercial operation at the plant's full capacity.

2. Project Development Program

A typical Ergo Exergy project is developed in a phased manner. The phased project development reflects our risk management strategy, and enables the tailoring of the gasification coal extraction plant's technical design to the specifics of each particular coal deposit's geology.

3. License Types

Ergo Exergy offers licenses of the following types: general license, project license and plant license. Details of the licenses are available to eligible parties on request.

4. Services

Ergo Exergy provides services to license holders to facilitate implementation of the εUCG technology. The services may cover, but are not limited to, the following phases of project development:

  • Coalfield Screening Study
  • Project Scoping Study
  • Site Selection & Pre-Feasibility Study
  • Site Characterization
  • Pilot Gas Plant (conceptual design, detailed design, supervision of construction, commissioning and operations)
  • Bankable Feasibility Study Report
  • Detailed Design of the Commercial Plant
  • Supervision of Construction, Commissioning, and Operation of the Commercial Plant up to Achievement of Full Capacity

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