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Can Ergo Exergy Help You?

Ergo Exergy provides a wide range of services and products to a variety of sectors that deal with commerce, industry, regulation, and governance. Regardless of your specific need or inquiry, Ergo Exergy can help you to understand and apply εUCG™ within your sector, whilst evaluating the impact on other related sectors.

Government Officials

Government officers, in countries with existing or potential coal resources that may be suitable for eUCG™ technology, will need answers to the following questions:

  • What is the energy value of the resource?
  • How it can be used and monetized?
  • What are the environmental, technical and commercial credentials of the technology?
  • What is the role of UCG in addressing the global warming?
  • What royalty fee may be appropriate
  • How UCG should be regulated in relation to conventional mining or CBM?
  • How should coal leases granted for UCG be managed?

There are many other questions about vitally important issues that must be answered before UCG can deliver new energy to your country's markets. Ergo Exergy can provide the answers, and we would be happy to do so with you on an interactive basis.

Local Communities

It is very difficult to find reliable information on eUCG™ technology and its environmental performance from any source other than Ergo Exergy. Our technology is being applied in several countries with many more projects in different stages of preparation. We invite the citizens of local communities where our technology may be applied to send us their burning questions regarding UCG - we will find a way to provide the information that addresses their specific concerns.

Environmental Groups

UCG is starting to take its rightful place in the modern energy market, becoming more commonly used as the technology of choice for coal extraction and the production of fuel and chemicals. We offer to assist with information that will help evaluate the environmental performance of UCG. We certainly hope that anyone concerned with the environment will come to share our view on UCG as a clean coal technology which really works.


There are numerous glaring examples of misunderstandings and misrepresentations of UCG in the media. That is to be expected - not much is known about UCG, even among engineers and academics working in the energy sector. We invite you to learn more about our technology, and thus form an informed view on its performance, its potential and its significance in the modern world. We will be glad to assist you in this process.

Power Plant Owners

If there is unmined coal in the vicinity of your installation, the εUCG™ technology can help your plant in many ways: it can supply gas fuel to supplement or replace your current fuel supply for existing plant or it can provide gas for a new GTCC plant achieving very high efficiency and low CO2 emissions. As a result, you will be capable of generating cleaner and cheaper electricity with reliable and cost-competitive fuel supply. Please see the section εUCG & Power Generation.

Holders of Coal Leases

The εUCG™ technology can be a new lease of life for your coal deposit, and produce value there where conventional coal mining is no longer possible. The εUCG has the power to quadruple coal reserves in your existing holdings. Our technology may lead to major industrial development based on your coal reserves, including coal-to-liquid plants, power generation, and fertilizer production, to name just a few examples of what is possible.

We can help you determine whether your coal is suitable for UCG; determine the size of your UCG reserves; find out what can be made out of UCG gas; assess what the costs could be - the list goes on and on…

Chemical Plants

The εUCG™ technology produces hydrocarbons in the form of clean and cost-competitive gas. This gas has been proven as a suitable raw material for a number of chemical catalytic syntheses. If your plant is situated near a coal deposit, there is a chance that you can get your raw materials much closer to home and much cheaper than you currently do.


The εUCG™ technology can enable major industrial projects in resource-poor areas and regions where there is no other source of hydrocarbons. Various businesses have the potential to thrive in this environment. We are prepared to discuss the opportunities presented by potential deployment of the εUCG technology in your particular region.


The εUCG™ is a new and exciting technology that, with time, may change the very fabric of the energy market. Ergo Exergy is a private company and requires no external investment. However, the εUCG projects that are under development in different parts of the world may require additional funds. If you are interested in investing in one of these projects, we would be pleased to direct you to the project owner for further information.

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