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Recent Papers

* These papers were authored or co-authored by Ergo Exergy's experts together with our partners and allies.

1. Exergy optimization of reverse combustion linking in underground coal gasification. Journal of the Energy Institute, 2008, Vol. 81, No. 1, pp. 7-13

2. Forward and reverse combustion linking in underground coal gasification, Energy, 2008, Vol. 33, pp. 446-454

3. Theory of reverse combustion linking. Combustion and Flame, 2007, Vol.150, No. 3, pp. 232-45

4. Underground Coal Gasification with Carbon Capture and Storage: A Pathway to a Low-Cost, Low-Carbon Gas for Power Generation and Chemical Syntheses, Fifth Annual Conference on Carbon Capture & Sequestration, Alexandria, Virginia USA, May 8-11, 2006

5. The Exergy Underground Coal Gasification Technology As A Source Of Superior Fuel For Power Generation, Proceedings of ASME POWER 2006, Atlanta, Georgia USA, May 2-6, 2006

6. The Exergy Underground Coal Gasification Technology for Power Generation and Chemical Applications, The 7th European Gasification Conference, Barcelona, Spain, 25-27 April 2006

7. The Exergy UCG technology for Power Generation, Proceedings of the 2nd Advanced Power Technologies & Geosequestration Symposium, Brisbane Australia, February 9-10, 2006

8. The Application of Underground Coal Gasification in South Africa, Proceedings of the 11th South African Conference on Coal Science and Technology, Fossil Fuel Foundation Indaba 2005, Pretoria, 22-23 November 2005

9. The Exergy UCG Technology as a Source of Raw Materials for Chemical Syntheses, Proceedings of the Conference on Catalytic Conversion, Philadelphia, October 25-26, 2005

10. Reverse Combustion Linking in Underground Coal Gasification, Proceedings of CHEMECA 2005, Brisbane, Australia, September 25-28, 2005

11. The Exergy UCG Technology and the Chinchilla Project: an alternative IGCC pathway, Proceedings of the 6th Annual Australian Gas Turbines Conference, Brisbane Marriott Hotel, September 13-14, 2005

12. The Exergy Underground Coal Gasification Technology and Its Application in Commercial Clean Coal Projects, Proceedings of CCT 2005 - 2nd International Conference on Clean Coal Technologies for our Future, Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy), May 10-12, 2005

13. How to Turn Thar Desert Lignite into Power, Oil and Energy, Proceedings of the National Conference "Oil, Gas & Lignite Scenario for Rajasthan", Jaipur, India, April 20-21, 2005

14. Underground Coal Gasification for Power Generation: Efficiency and CO2-emissions, ASME Technical Paper PWR2004-52036, March 2004

15. Eskom's Underground Coal Gasification Research Program, Proceedings of the Fossil Fuel Foundation Of Africa Coal Indaba 2004, Pretoria, South Africa, November 10-12, 2004

16. UCG for Power Generation, Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Coal Science, Cairns, Australia, November 2-6, 2003

17. Groundwater at the Underground Coal Gasification Site at Chinchilla, Australia, Proceedings of the International Conference "Water in Mining 2003", Brisbane, Australia,
October 13-15, 2003

18. The Exergy UCG Technology and the Chinchilla IGCC project, International Workshop on UCG, DTI Conference Center, London UK, October 1-2, 2003

19. The Exergy Underground Coal Gasification: Canadian Perspective, Proceedings of "Combustion Canada '03" Conference, Vancouver, September 21-24, 2003

20. Underground Coal Gasification and the Environment, 20th Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference, Pittsburgh PA, USA, September 15-19, 2003

21. The Chinchilla IGCC Project to Date: Underground Coal Gasification and Environment, Proceedings of the 2002 Gasification Technologies Conference, San Francisco CA USA, October 27-30, 2002

22. UCG in Australia: Development to Date and Future Options, Brisbane Australia, April 2002

23. An IGCC Project at Chinchilla, Australia Based on Underground Coal Gasification (UCG), Proceedings of the 2001 Gasification Technologies Conference, San Francisco, USA, October 8-10, 2001.

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