Ergo Exergy - UCG

June 23, 2006

International Workshop on "Potential for Underground Coal Gasification" held in Houston, TX, USA

The event, hosted by Zeus Development Corporation of Texas, USA  was very successful. Ergo Exergy delivered a presentation on the history of UCG, the reliability and environmental performance of the εUCG™ technology, summary information on various εUCG™ projects from around the world which we are currently engaged with and on  an integrated approach for CO2 sequestration in the εUCG™ process.  Laurus Energy (Canada), GasTech (USA) and Eskom (South Africa) all delivered presentations on their commercial projects and the current status of project development.  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA) made a presentation on the advantages which UCG provides over alternative technologies for CO2 capture and sequestration and also on their work on the development of computer models to simulate environmental performance of the UCG process.

The meeting provided new encouragement to all those involved in developing UCG projects together with Ergo Exergy and, in addition, served to alert major coal and oil companies, many of whom were in attendance, that εUCG™ is not only real, feasible and available but that it has now gained critical mass in awareness and acceptance within the energy industry.

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