Ergo Exergy - UCG

November 28, 2008

Solid Energy New Zealand completes site selection study for trial and commercial UCG operations in Huntly, New Zealand

Solid Energy of New Zealand has completed an extensive site selection study for application of UCG in the Huntly Coal Field in the North Island of New Zealand. With technical input provided by their UCG technology provider, Ergo Exergy Technologies Inc., a suitable area for commercial project development has been selected. Based on previously know attributes of the coal deposit, the study concluded that the resource is suitable for extraction via εUCG™. Furthermore, a specific location for initial εUCG™ pilot operations within the greater commercial area has been selected. A pre-feasibility study will now be undertaken based on the chosen site, detailing technical, environmental and financial attributes of the proposed trial and commercial εUCG™ operations. The outcomes of this work will eventually provide relevant input to Solid Energy’s statutory environmental consent and funding applications for the pilot operation.

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