Ergo Exergy - UCG

December 20, 2009

Solid Energy gains Board approval for its pilot εUCG™ operation using Ergo Exergy’s technology

Solid Energy New Zealand Ltd has gained board approval and funding for a trial εUCG™ project in Huntly, New Zealand. This milestone represents the significant amount of work and effort by Solid Energy and its UCG technology provider, Ergo Exergy during the site selection, pre-feasibility and planning stages of the project. The board’s decision allows the project to continue with its fast pace of development, with drill rigs already mobilised to site. Installation of process and monitoring wells and thorough characterisation of the site will commence at the beginning of 2010, followed immediately by design and construction of the underground gasifier and surface infrastructure. Operation of the pilot plant will provide information to help design and construct the proposed commercial εUCG™ syngas facility which aims to provide gas for electricity generation.

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