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February 20, 2010

Eskom completes εUCG™ syngas pipe-line to Majuba power station

Eskom Holdings has completed construction of a gas clean-up plant and pipe line which will deliver εUCG™ syngas to the 4200 MW Majuba Power Station in South Africa. The Majuba εUCG™ project, which has been operating adjacent to the power station for over three years, will provide syngas for co-firing with coal in the steam boilers. The Majuba εUCG™ project is certainly the most advanced UCG project in operation in the world today. Following commissioning of the new plant and slight modification of the power station, the εUCG™ syngas will be fed into the station and electricity delivered to the grid. Representing the first commercial UCG operation ever in the Western World, Ergo Exergy is proud that the project is based on its proprietary εUCG™ technology and hard work.

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