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February 23, 2011

Laurus Energy Receives Permits for Parkland County UCG Project, Alberta, Canada

Laurus Energy has today received statutory permits to conduct pilot operations at its Parkland County UCG Project in Alberta, Canada. All necessary permits have been received from the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) and Alberta Environment (AENV), following applications made by Laurus Energy in late 2009.

The granting of these permits is a significant milestone for Laurus Energy and its technology provider, Ergo Exergy, who have been working together on the project for a number of years. The successful permitting of the project can be attributed to the quality of extensive technical work already undertaken by the two companies. Ergo Exergy's world leading εUCG™ Technology and expertise was also recognized by Canadian regulators, offering them the appropriate confidence to permit this first-of-a-kind project for Canada.

Initially, the project will involve ignition and operation of a small scale UCG pilot plant, during which, extensive technical and environmental data will be collected for further processing and analysis. Following successful pilot scale operation, a commercial plant will be developed to provide UCG syngas as a feedstock for power generation, chemical and fertilizer plants in the region.

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