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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A New Book on Underground Coal Gasification is Co-authored by Ergo Exergy UCG Experts

The leading UCG experts of Ergo Exergy Technologies Inc played a critical role in writing and editing a new book on Underground Coal Gasification to be published in December by ELSEVIER.

Underground Coal Gasification and Combustion provides an overview of underground coal gasification technology, its current status and future directions. Comprehensive in approach, the book covers the history, science, technology, hydrogeology, rock mechanics, environmental performance, economics, regulatory and commercial aspects of UCG projects.

The first book on the subject in forty years, it is unique in analyzing more than a century of global UCG developments by experts from Australia, Canada, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, the United States and Uzbekistan.

Underground Coal Gasification and Combustion

  • Provides researchers, engineers, industry, educators and regulators with an authoritative overview of science and practical applications of underground coal gasification technologies
  • Offers insight into efficiency, environmental performance, costs, permitting issues and commercial aspects of UCG projects
  • Written by scientists and practitioners of UCG technology sharing hands-on experience of step-by-step UCG implementation

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