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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Ergo Exergy Granted US Patent for CO2 Sequestration in Deep Coal and Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted the patent to Ergo Exergy Technologies, Inc. (“Ergo Exergy”) for techniques of implementing CO2 injection and sequestration in deep coal in relation to their proprietary εUCG™ process.

Granted in record time on September 21, 2021, US Patent No. US 11,125,069 describes a new Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery (EHR™) process, which effectively integrates Ergo Exergy’s proprietary process of underground coal gasification (εUCG™) with injection and sequestration of CO2 to produce hydrogen-rich gas ultra-low CO2 emissions.

US Patent for CO2 Sequestration in Deep Coal and Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery

The disclosed method and system deliver a drastic reduction in the carbon footprint of the εUCG™ process and the viability of the εUCG™ C¯ INTERMENT™ method that is vital for increasing the H:C ratio in the product syngas. In the coming months, Ergo Exergy’s development partner Cv̄ictus Inc. that is implementing an EHR™ project in Alberta, east of Red Deer, will demonstrate viability of the patented technology in a large field trial.

In the last 20 years, Ergo Exergy has been working on adapting our εUCG™ process for clean hydrogen production. This resulted in a number of novel methods aimed at redaction of carbon footprint of εUCG™ process, some of which are to be patented, while the others shall be kept as a trade secret. The granted US patent represents a starting step in formalizing these innovations. Together, they transform the εUCG™ technology into a powerful tool for delivering clean hydrogen and its derivative products while bringing down carbon concentration in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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