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Wednesday, July 02, 2023

Ergo Exergy’s Partner Cv̄ictus Receives Permits for First Commercial EHR™ Hydrogen Plant

MONTREAL (Quebec), June 26, 2023 – Cv̄ictus, the licensee of our EHR™ technology, has received permits to construct and operate the pioneering commercial project including an in-situ EHR™ facility and a clean hydrogen plant. It will be located in Alberta, Canada, and will use the Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery (EHR™) technology to produce clean hydrogen from deep unminable coal. Ergo Exergy congratulates Cv̄ictus with this great achievement. We are looking forward to working with Cv̄ictus on construction and commissioning of the EHR™ Hydrogen plant scheduled to start commercial production in late 2024.

EHR™ is a process that uses CO2 injection to help extract hydrogen-rich, low-carbon syngas from deep coal seams, whereby the injected CO2 is permanently stored in the target coal seam. The CO2 used in the EHR™ process is separated from the produced syngas in a surface cleanup plant generating low-cost, ultra-clean hydrogen.

The Cv̄ictus facility will initially produce 7 metric tons of clean hydrogen per day (tpd), with an ultimate hydrogen plant capacity of up to 210 tpd. This hydrogen can be used for a variety of applications, including transportation, industrial processes and power generation.

"We enjoy working with Cv̄ictus to produce cost-competitive, low-carbon products", said Michael Blinderman, Director of Ergo Exergy. "Our EHR™ process provides clean syngas that can be used for production of hydrogen, methanol, ammonia and many other products that are cheaper and cleaner than any alternatives available today. Developed to scale, Cv̄ictus’s plants will help to meet the needs of hydrogen-fueled industries and single cell protein applications", added Dr. Blinderman.

  • The Cv̄ictus clean hydrogen plant will be commissioned in late 2024
  • The facility will use CO2 separated from EHR™ syngas in the hydrogen plant
  • The hydrogen produced by the facility will be the lowest-cost, lowest-carbon hydrogen in the world

The completion of the Cv̄ictus facility will be a significant milestone for the clean hydrogen industry. It is the first EHR™–based commercial-scale clean hydrogen facility in the world, and it is expected to pave the way for more clean energy and clean chemicals projects in the future.

EHR™ technology is a method for large-scale CO2 sequestration and production of low-cost, low-carbon syngas incorporating the best features of Ergo Exergy’s proprietary εUCG™ technology. Ergo Exergy has developed εUCG™ projects in Australia, South Africa, Canada, the United States, India, and New Zealand and is currently engaged in other international εUCG™/EHR™ projects at various stages of advancement.

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