Ergo Exergy - UCG

January 20, 2007

First Underground Coal Gasification Plant in Africa - in Operation!

Mpumalanga, South Africa, 10:50 p.m. (GMT 20:50), Saturday, January 20, 2007: The first Underground Coal Gasification plant in the African continent successfully starts operations. The Majuba UCG Project, located in Mpumalanga, South Africa, is producing high quality syngas to be used for power generation in the existing 4.2 GW power plant. The project, based on Ergo Exergy's proprietary εUCG™ technology , is developed by Eskom Holdings Ltd.

The Majuba UCG Project is unprecedented in its scale, geological complexity, and pioneering nature.  We are proud to know that the only two Underground Coal Gasification operations developed in the world in the last 18 years have been based on Ergo Exergy's technology and hard work. 

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