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Suggested UCG Reading

1. The Power of Patience, by M. J. Ryan , May 2003

2. BHP Billiton (2002). Case study B20 - Electricity Production Using Underground Coal Gasification, Newcastle, Australia, July 2002

3. US DOE (2004). Hydrogen from Coal Program, RD&D Plan, June 10, 2004

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5. Underground Coal Gasification: The State of the Art (AICHE Symposium Series) (Paperback), by Robert D. Gunn (Editor), William B. Krantz (Editor), July 1983

6. Underground Coal Gasification, by George H. Lamb , Jan 1977

7. On Bullshit, by Harry G. Frankfurt, Princeton University Press, USA, 2005

8. Frank J. Brooks. GE gas turbine performance characteristics, GE Power Systems, Schenectady, NY, 2000

9. US Dept of Energy, National laboratories - Technology opportunities to reduce US greenhouse gas emissions, Oct 1999.

10. Dr. S. Julio Friedmann, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Underground Coal Gasification in the USA and Abroad, - A testimony at the Congressional hearing on climate change on November 14, 2005 in the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

11. Hill, V.L et al., Underground coal gasification: Its potential for long-term supply of SNG, 10th Underground Coal gasification Symposium, February 1984

12. GE - Technical Report GER-3648 Design considerations for gas turbine fuel systems.

13. GE - Technical Report GEI-41040 Process specification fuel gases for combustion in heavy-duty gas turbines.

14. The Public Perceptions of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG): A Pilot Study, by Simon Shackley, Alexander Reiche and Sarah Mander, Tyndall Center Working Paper 57, August 2004

15. The Historical Development of Underground Coal Gasification, by D. Olness and D.W. Gregg, LLNL UCRL-52283, June 1977

16. The Class V Underground Injection Control Study, Volume 13: In-Situ Fossil Fuel Recovery Wells, US EPA, 1999

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