Ergo Exergy - UCG

Competitive Edge

What is the secret of being competitive in today's energy market, when oil prices are record high?

According to Ergo Exergy, the secret is simple—and everyone is welcome to follow our example.

It's just this: one needs to keep on working, regardless of oil prices. Our experts measure their UCG experience in decades, not years. We started our UCG company more than 20 years ago. In fact, we started working on the Chinchilla UCG project when the oil price was about $11 per barrel…

With today's elevated oil prices, when UCG is becoming ever more familiar to governments, academics and financiers, Ergo Exergy is ready with our εUCG™ technology, proven and tested during the long decades of disinterest and oblivion.

We intend to keep the competitive advantage we have already demonstrated. Today, we are the only company providing UCG technology to new commercial UCG operations around the world. Our knowledge, technical expertise and understanding are growing with every new UCG development in different geological, hydrogeological, and regulatory environments all over the planet.

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