Ergo Exergy - UCG

Our People

Ergo Exergy unites genuine UCG experts. They know how to design, build and operate large, commercial-scale underground gasifiers – the hearts of UCG plants. Our people's knowledge and experience, combined with a lifetime of relentless intellectual effort applied in the realities of the coal gasification field, lead Ergo Exergy to success time after time.

What makes an Ergo Exergy UCG expert? Thorough knowledge of geology and hydrogeology? Mastery of chemical engineering of gasification processes? Deep understanding of gas clean-up, drilling and well completion techniques?…

In most cases all of these qualities are critical, but above all – it's patience.

The patience of methodical and painstaking analysis. The patience in understanding the tricks and puzzles of underground processes. The patience to stay dedicated to UCG technology, despite decades of nearly universal neglect and disbelief.

Our people are the main reason for UCG's success and for the growing recognition of our technology.

One day, very soon, the grateful world will join us in thanking the Ergo Exergy experts for making UCG a success.

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