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Why Exergy?

Second law of thermodynamycs
The exergy (ε) of a substance or process means the energy available for doing work in a given environment, i.e. the truly usable part of energy. Since the value of energy to humanity is mostly in its ability to do work, it is the exergy that must be conserved, protected and cherished.

Exergy is the true energy.

At this time of insatiable energy demand and growing concerns about global warming, the world is compelled to use only the most efficient technologies, those suitable for supporting sustainable development of the planet. The second law of thermodynamics has given us the exergy analysis for selecting what is truly efficient. Every industrial process today must be optimized to reduce the exergy loss and maximize the exergy output.

The fast depletion of our resources of oil and natural gas, and the apparent immaturity of renewable energy sources, have brought "old king coal" to the fore once again! In this age, however, we must find a way to use coal with maximum exergy efficiency—a much better efficiency than the traditional combination of conventional coal mining coupled with coal-fired power generation. Coal must be able to compete with any other energy source in environmental performance, technical ability and, just as importantly, cost. It has to be able to deliver the highest exergy.

Our company is the champion of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG), a coal-based technology that converts coal seams in the ground into combustible gas, eliminating the need to mine coal in order to use it. We are confident that our proprietary version of UCG technology demonstrates the highest exergy efficiency compared to any other way of using coal. We extract the energy of underground coal with minimal exergy loss and deliver the full value of coal to the consumer with maximum exergy—the true energy.

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