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Ergo Exergy Technologies Inc. (Ergo Exergy) is an Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) company based in Montréal, Canada. We formed Ergo Exergy in early 1994 with only one raison d'être - to develop and perfect UCG technology to its true technical excellence, genuine environmental acceptance and ultimately, to its hard-earned global commercial triumph. The UCG technology developed, refined and practiced by Ergo Exergy is known as Exergy UCG™ Technology or εUCG. The gas produced by εUCG is called syngas.

We see our mission as bringing about the widest possible common use of Underground Coal Gasification as an environmentally friendly and economical way of producing pure energy, by extracting and making use of the vast unminable coal resources around the world. Gradually, UCG is advancing to achieve the status of other universally-accepted industrial methods, such as open-cast and underground coal mining, coking, oil refining or iron smelting.

Our strategy is to ensure implementation of Underground Coal Gasification in large industrial projects worldwide, by provision of the εUCG technology to the projects developed in each individual region by our capable and inspired partners and licensees.

The environmental merits and economic advantages of εUCG gas production create a formidable foundation for financially successful industrial projects in power generation and chemical syntheses in many parts of the world. In terms of power generation, εUCG creates opportunities for new IGCC plants; for co-firing syngas with coal in existing coal-fired stations; and for re-powering natural gas power plants. In chemical applications, a wide array of products can be economically synthesized from syngas; some of these are methanol, synthetic liquid fuels, synthetic natural gas, ammonia and ammonia-derived products, dimethylether (DME), and monomers.

The ultimate triumph of the εUCG technology will be ensured through the absolutely decisive success of the εUCG-based industrial plants that proliferate and prosper around the world, with our support and assistance.

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