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UCG Project: Thar, Pakistan – Cougar Energy UK

The Thar project in Pakistan is developed by Cougar Energy UK (CUK) which is 47.8% owned by Ergo Exergy’s Australian technology licensee, Cougar Energy Limited, Australia. CUK has been developing the project since 2007 and holds a coal exploration license over 47.3 sq km located within Block III in the East of Sindh Province, Pakistan.

Although some previous drilling indicates coal seams of varying thickness from 8m to 23m, at depths ranging from 115m to 205m, a drilling program is underway to further explore the resource and define 100 to 200 million tonnes. The drilling will also provide an opportunity to begin installation of underground equipment for characterization and monitoring of the site.

Pakistan has a great need to increase its generating output to meet escalating demand. At present load shedding is necessary to match demand and supply, with supply to homes in Karachi being cut for more than six hours per day. As a result of the shortage of supply, electricity prices are significantly higher than most Western countries. The project aims to generate εUCG™ syngas as a fuel for much needed additional power generation in the region.

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