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UCG Project: GAIL, India

In 1999, GAIL (India) Ltd initiated the development of an εUCG-IGCC power plant in Rajasthan, in co-operation with the State Government. Ergo Exergy is providing the εUCG™ technology to the project. The syngas will be produced from lignite seams at depths of between 230 and 900 meters, which otherwise cannot be mined economically. The deposit consists of up to three working lignite seams with a cumulative thickness of up to 22 meters, characterized by high ash (up to 26%) and high moisture (up to 40%) contents.

UCG Project in India

The plant will be developed in phases, first by installing a 175 MWe combined-cycle 9E General Electric gas turbine and followed by construction of a similar plant. The project will be completed with a 400 MWe combined-cycle plant based on a 9FA GE gas turbine - thus bringing the total capacity to approximately 750 MWe.

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